Interesting (ex Raleigh) people you meet on a ride.


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Myself and a few friends were out on a V-CC ride yesterday in the quiet and traffic-free Lincolnshire countryside. We were riding east from the Wolds to the sea, and planned to visit an important (to me, anyway) historic building.

Upon arriving at the building which was locked, a notice gave a phone number for the keyholder, so the lady in question was duly rung and she showed us around. Being an inquisitive fellow I had a chat with the (elderly) lady, who's name was Norma - turns out she was the Head Nurse (Matron) at Raleigh Cycles in Nottingham in the 1960s and 1970s (!) so we had a very interesting chat about her time there.

We're going back in a few weeks as an former Raleigh foreman lives in the same village.

It was extremely windy but warm and the 30 mile ride seemed like 60 when I reached home, what a day, great ride and a great story.



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Sounds a very good chance meeting.
Maybe you could speak with herself and the foreman and get some interesting stories to post up.
It's the every day type anecdotes I find that bring the life to some of these places we know of.