Info on 1980's mercier mtb


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Owner of n+1 vintage bikes, but no older mountain bikes as yet. Saw an advert for an interesting '80's mtb but the pics are terrible and the owner not interested in sending more as its in his garage and dead cheap, take it or leave it ! . Pic included here. From what I can make the writing on the down tube says ' le velo de mercier ' and the colour is the same as the purple and yellow jerseys worn by the mercier road bike teams of the past. But the head badge usnt clear and doesnt look familiar as a mercier badge.
My question to folks here - does anyone know if mercier made mtbs in the '80's ? I cant find details anywhere to confirm.
It's no beauty obviously, but having brought a 70's Girane back to life, I thought I'd dabble in the '80's mtb world with this bike.

Thanks folks. Screenshot_20210611-215131_Facebook.jpgScreenshot_20210611-173755_Facebook.jpg


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I don't know about Mercier MTBs either.
Anyway, if I exclude that decal, there is nothing suggesting it would be a decent bike. All components are bottom of the range and the frame itself is nothing nice, the rear "brake bridge" is associated with bottom of the range bikes from companies that didn't really make better bikes.


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Even cheap, run away from that bicycle. It will give you a poor retro bicycle experience and you will think that old bicycles are bad.
Easy rule: plastic components = cheap bicycle. That frame has a plate in the rear area close to the brakes instead a smal tube as a bridge = poor quality frame.
Paint jobs in that era were very flashy and atractive even in cheap bicycles.

I have bought one similar to have a bicycle for 35€ in Poland because I was out of home and the bicycle was a nightmare but at least in the weekends it keep me doing something.( the target was no to put money on it) That is the only reason to buy something like that. I have sold it and recover 20€.


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Looks to me like a very cynical marketing exercise, there were many in the early 90's to exploit the name of a maker of decent road bikes on a very cheap and basic mountain bike. Avoid...