I accidentally bought a Pace RC200 F6...


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So, I had a few glasses of wine last Sunday and accidentally bought a partially built up Pace RC200 F6.

Picked the bike up today, and glad to say it's in fairly good nick. I'll get some photos up shortly...

Anyway, as a newbie to this retro-bike lark (except, of course, when they weren't retro!), is there any general advice? Particularly on how to get the small scratches etc. out of the frame? I'm going to go for period correct, and I guess follow the bits that are on there already. Which means I'm on the lookout for:

  • A Hope Ti Glide rear hub in silver
  • Hope or Ringlé skewers in silver
  • Ringle Moby post (in silver) in the slightly unusual 29.4mm -- shimmed posts are a no-no on RC200s, apparently. Or a Syncros at a stretch.
  • A Flite saddle, natch
  • Some period correct tyres -- though I can't quite remember what viewed as the best UK mud tyre in 97, WTB Velociraptors seem to be stuck in the back of my head. Smoke/Darts were a little earlier IIRC
  • Chainset -- ideally Middleburn RS3, but I was always keen on the Race Face Turbine cranks at the time. Maybe a little 'non-UK' for a Pace build though. I also quite like the 4 arm Shimano FC-M739. Decisions, decisions...
  • New decals -- I've found somewhere that does the frame stickers, but could do with a set for the RC36 forks too.

Er, that's about it. Could probably do with some new grips, and I might swap the Yeti bar for a Pace Rental one. I have some old silver X-Lite ski bend bar ends to fit, a silver Ringle H2O cage and some basically as new XT M730 bits off an old Marin Pine Mountain that I broke the frame on after I only owned it a few months! The old White Industries chainset from the Marin will probably make it on to the bike while I keep a lookout for something more in keeping.

Oh, and I still have a couple of sheets of Mint Sauce stickers somewhere to finish off the look perfectly!


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Welcome... As for the 'accidentally' part, we've all done that - you're in good company.
I think the M730 might be a bit old for this.
I am about to dismantle a bike with a later xt groupset, cranks, mechs, shifters, v-brake (m737, from memory) and a nice wheel set (hope front hub) if you are interested. Could do a super price.
Good luck with rebuild.


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I have some bits that might suit.. syncros post from my f3. Period tyres could be all sorts, have some wtb raptors 2.1k virtually new, Onza rip & rail used but ok, ritchey mega bites etc. Take a look in my sale thread some bits should be there.

Plenty of threads about polishing and refinishing alloy frames on here, just search about a bit.

Oh, and welcome.


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Thanks for the welcome.

Having just spent a while cleaning up the old XT bits, I can see that they're M737 now. Checking MOMBATs, M730 seems to have run up until 1988. M737 is from '95, which is about when I smashed the Marin! Let's imagine I bought the RC200 frame only back in '97 and transferred my old kit to it!

@Mat, I have the Hope front hub, so just need a rear. Have some nice 32 hole Mavic X517 rims too. Thanks for the kind offer though.

@Rick, thanks, I'll take a look at your for sale thread. Sounds like it might be spot on!

As for polishing, Peek seems to be the substance of choice. I'll get some in. And some cider -- apparently it's easier to apply with cider.

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Welcome to the forum ;)

First thing I ever bid on was a Pace. Wasn't around when bidding ended. I lost it by £2 :facepalm: Gutted I can tell you.
Get some piccies up, just to make me feel worse :roll:



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tonedeaf101":2vi1lao0 said:
I have a lovely 739 crank for sale here.

The frame is anodised, so don't polish it. Small touch ups, but don't do the whole thing or it will ruin it :)
Ah yes, good point about the anodising. Ah well, saves me a load of time on the polishing then!

Your 739 cranks look fantastic. I think I'll keep looking for a Race Face or Middleburn set, and get back to you if yours haven't been sold.


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And now for some photos

Right then, here are some photos.

First up, the frames in all it's beauty! I think the RC200 is still a stunning looking bike, even in this day and age of swoopy CF.

The frame decals and head badge are a little tired and could do with replacing.


Hope, Ringlé and a mix of M737 and M739 XT. Nice!




The titanium nitride coating on the fork stanchions is a little worn (as are the decals), but otherwise seem to be in fine fettle.


The chain stay is quite pitted, but I reckon this can easily be covered up with a protector strip.

Lastly, there is a little corrosion on the steel inserts and washers -- not sure what this rusted part above the BB is for (possibly an E type FD?), and the BB threads don't look tip top. Hopefully easy to fix.


So, hopefully a good basis for a build and restoration job.