Hydraulic disc brakes set


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After a pair of hydraulic disc brakes in nice condition. Preferably in black & a half decent brand

Front hose needs to be at least 800mm and 1450+ on the rear

Budget roughly £100


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Is there a shortage of brake sets or something?

I've been looking on Fleabay also and its just singular brakes, broken ones or people dreaming of getting retail prices for second hand.


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legrandefromage":3cqb8jjt said:
Dont know the length but have some Clarks here if you get really stuck

Its the last thing needed to complete my bike so ideally I don't want to go down the route of making do with something until better comes along but its getting mightily close to that stage. Thank you for the offer I'll let you know if it comes to that.


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Hiya...i have a set of lovely condition...new pads...XT 775 in black.
BUT...they may be too short for you.....front 770 and rear 1320. { that is the actual hose length...}..??