How to remove a seized alloy seat post the easy way (Ha Ha )


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I recently purchased a 1989 Marin Muirwoods in florescent green colour (bleached white in parts ) it had a seized seat post .I had never attempted to remove one before so after going up the penetrating oil and air hammer route for a week with no success I decided to use the reciprocating saw method rather than caustic soda .
I purchased an unused reciprocating saw off Facebay for £20 and when I got home with it I thought I would just hit the old saddle from side to side one more time and just like magic the seat post moved .
I think my luck must have been in today but I am sure I will need the saw on a future project.


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It certainly does work but you have to be careful and take your time, last year I managed to save a Fuquay frame a similar way... except no actual saw, just a 12" blade, a rag, my bare hand and a LOT of sweat and start/stops lol!


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Aluminium post in steel frame? Freeze it out using Plumbers freeze spray (there's a few threads on here explaining how to do it if you have a search).

I've cut a few out too - lengthways down the inside of the tube - with a hacksaw in a homemade holder. It works but you have to be careful and it's time consuming!