For Sale Hope Screwon+Lightweight / xlite / Bullet bros


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Having a bit of a clear out - and need to top up my paypal to get some final bits for my current build. All prices inc. postage. DM for pics of specific items.

Xlite brake pivot blanks = 2x silver 10mm thread and 1x black 8mm thread. NOS in boxes. £12 each or all 3 for £30

Hope lightweight front - 32h
spins nicely, still got the sticker on £30

Hope screw on rear - 32h
spins nicely, again still with the sticker. One side looks lighter in colour than the other. When cleaning up I've noticed what may well be a hairline crack between two spoke holes. However or course it may not be... pic is below. On the basis that it could be, then selling for spares or repair - £25 or £50 for this and the lightweight

Bullet Bros chain tensioner
with DH spring, from the days before mechs with clutches and the less popular alternative to a DCD - though they do look cool £10

image_123923953.JPGimage_123923953 (1).JPG

SOLD - Avid 1.0 V brakes F&R with pads, though they are quite old an probably past their best. With bolt and noodles £15 sold for £13
SOLD - 1 1/8 Orange F8 fork in slime green
- good condition, though stickers peeling. Long since forgotten where it came from, bought for my wifes Clockwork but I've never used it. 19.6 cm steerer - and axle to crown race is 39 cm £32.50
SOLD - Xlite gunmetal topcap - with bolt. £10
SOLD - L&M cranks polish up a treat, have wear marks but good condition. Would suit a DH build - reasonably rare british kit from back in the day £45
SOLF - Hope red seat collar + QR 34.9 2x collar and 1x QR. No idea why I have two collars. One is nicer than the other, but both are in good nick £10
XT M750 V brakes F&R One set of pads, as the others were toast. With bolts. £30

SOLD - Thomson Elite post - 31.6 x 410 - bottom section is very scratched, top 16.5 cm is unmarked. Can send better pics. £25
SOLD - GT front hub not even sure why I have this, other than I must have thought it looks nice (which it does). Bearings are lumpy, I'd have replaced but don't have the right size £17.50


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Forks and top cap gone, also L&M cranks - will update thread properly tomorrow on the laptop
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