For Sale Hope brakes, XT 732 brakes, XT 735 mechs, Kona Explosif (single speed mod), Project 2, Magura, Uno 32, Salsa


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Hey! An assortment of things I no longer need - maybe they’re what you’re after?

prices include postage but not PayPal fees. Let me know!

salsa bar ends £6

Unused xt canti m732 SILVER, 4 brakes (2 wheels worth!) but just ONE (1) straddle wire £70

magura yellow brake booster BENT £8

xt m732 brake levers £30

middleburn uno 32 chain ring unused £25

Hope brakeset silver hose - will need hose reconnecting and bleeding for sure! £45

hope brakeset black hose will need bleeding £45

superstar brake pads, possibly for hope brakes? £5

SOLD Magura hs11 hs33 bleed kit (I think!) as shown £9

SOLD modified single speeded (1993 or 1994, ribbed anyhow, was silver and black fade originally) kona explosif 17 inch (measurement in photo) with two projecr 2 forks, one the correct length, one longer and ahead £140, or £120 without orange ahead fork.

SOLD kona project 2 threaded 180mm steerer £30
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I am potentially interested in the Kona frame+forks, pending photos and size. The link seems to take me to photos of a rack...