Hi all i have a Francesco Moser Super Prestige frame but the Columbus tube decal is missing, can anyone help id it i think ive possibly found a match


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Dirt Disciple
If it's a Super Prestige it would have better tubing than Aelle. Should be Columbus SL I think. Like this?
@Woody662011 I would think that hamster is correct. Check your seat post diameter; if 27.2mm it is "SL" (usually 57cm and smaller frames), if 27.0 it is "SP" (usually 58cm and larger frames). The headbadge may help date it; I believe the Moser "headshot" is pre-80s ('77-'79?); or at least very early '80s. Not sure when they started making that model. I have an '85 Moser "Aelle" frame ( "Moser" written vertically on the headbadge) and it clearly states that tube type on the decal. I need to check, but I think my seat post is 26.8mm for the "Aelle" model. If the decal has the single wing on the dove it is '78 or later, and early versions of this decal did not specify "SL/"SP", but it should still specify "Rinforzati" for butted tubing regardless. I think the "SL"/"SP" designation on the decal appeared circa 1980.
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Dirt Disciple
SL tubing is easy to check - remove the seatpost and you can see rifling down the inside of the seat tube.
Only for "SLX"/"SPX" tubing not "SL"/"SP". You can check the steerer tube for the 5 helical ridges to verify a Columbus steerer, but I don't know if that necessarily identifies the frame tubing type.