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I have a 1986 or 87 Mountain Klein that I purchased back in 1987. I am looking for someone to help identify its year and perhaps it’s provenance. This bike was purchased by me back in 1987 at Allied Bicycles in Ventura California.

My issue is that I don’t see any other Mountain Klein like mine, as the catalogs and available information from Klein Bicycle Corporation from back during the mid 80’s is sketchy. The bike is COMPLETELY stock, with only the seat, tires and handle grips having been changed over the years. I put a Blackburn rack on her back in 1990.

The pics are self explanatory, but is equipped with all Shimano Deore XT components (which I have not seen on any other Mountain Klein, or in Klein’s catalogs, brochures, etc.) including the pedals, Sakai FX Stem, MT Sakae handlebars, Deore XT 14G front and rear wheel hubs, Araya 26” wheels, 27.2 American Classic Equipment seat post, Deore XT FD M-730 Front Deraileur, Deore XT RD M-730 Rear Deraileur, Deore XT Shifters and a Shimano BioPace 28-38-48 tooth front sprocket set.

I have never seen a white Mountain Klein before, but my understanding (posts from former Klein employees) is that Klein took frames and painted them custom for some of their customers. This is a factory paint job and is clean, shiny and smooth as glass, just as if it was manufactured yesterday (yes, I have taken good care of this baby). Serial number is 2M70E.

I have taken this bike all over California, Treking in Indonesia, Denmark and Scotland. Since purchasing the bike new, throughout its life I probably had it stored for about 12 of those years.

Anyone know where I may find out more about this bike, in particular it’s actual build year, or anything else, would be greatly appreciated. Of course I am biased, as I believe this bike belongs in some sort of personal collectors bike museum.

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