Hello all! Here's my 1988 Fisher Montare

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Hello everybody! I have been a bike guy for a while, I have a collection of Schwinn balloon tire bicycles, and a few vintage road bikes, but I am new to mountain bikes! I got bit by the bug after I bought a 1996 Gary Fisher Marlin at a block sale for $60 after that I wanted to see what else there was. I told my buddy I was getting into mountain bikes and he told me he had a Fisher Montare that was too small for him.He gave me a great deal and I love how the bike rides! After doing some more research I found I really like GT bikes, since then I picked up a couple which I will post pics of soon. I'm glad to have found this place!


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Lovely looking bike, the blue and white fade is classic. Ticks a lot of boxes for me when it comes to what I like in a vintage MTB