Hardly used wheels - Xt m737 on modern Xm317 Rims


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Just about the last of the last as far as my non disc era kit.

Built and been used with nearly all my garage queen builds. And last used on my King Kahuna

I was keeping them for a rainy rim brake day but I think those days are now behind me for many reasons.

So these where NOS at the time XT m737 hubs 32 front 36 rear. Built on to more modern xm317

Really nice. Done next to no pavement miles.

£150 Or best offer Collected (for rules but I genuinely don’t know where to prices these).

Collection is from Warrington. I haven’t found a suitable box solution yet.

Pics to follow



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Apologies of offence caused, none implied. I spent a lot of time searching old threads and felt like that.?sorry once again.