Gravel Bikes eh?


Dirt Disciple
Stone cold ride my friend! Kneiss components as well... Maybe my head is full of rocks, but your problem could be the granite frame is a bit harsh, ore maybe you need to iron out the saddle position?


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Who needs a chuffing 'Gravel Bike' ...I chucked me old Holdsworth over the South Downs Way last week 50 miles on gravel, chalk & razor sharp flint, then another 50 cruising the Promenade around Portsmouth Harbour then home ..on a Touring Bike..shock horror..!! 20210425_101847.jpg20210425_105109.jpg20210425_113616.jpg20210425_151557.jpg


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Chipper made me laugh but regarding the Holdworth, that's crying out to be the next big thing. Swap those bars out, I mean, it's 2021, fit some flat bars, who wants a gravel bike ? move with the times and have a hybrid

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