Giant Pacer 1986 ish - Eighties Asia's mid-range finest


Dirt Disciple
Giant Pacer - Not 100% sure of the year but somewhere around 1986

Not much info online so it might be somewhat of a rarity?

It's a sturdy lugged frame with 1020 Hi-Ten steel, large size (58cm), needed to add a longer seat stem to get the proper fit. 12-13kg on the road.
Want to keep it fairly stock for 'vintage' bike rides and casual use. Downtube shifters take me back to my first 'racer' bike in the early eighties.

For the age it has a lot of original / period components that are in good condition and working great, nothing special here but serviceable nonetheless:
Front Derailleur - Shimano FD-AX50
Rear Derailleur - Shimano RD-L541
Rear Freewheel Shimano MF-Z012-6
Shimano SIS downtube shifters
Sugino MP 110 crankset 52-40 teeth
Cup and cone bottom bracket that runs nice and smooth.
Lee Chi calliper brakes
Brake levers and hoods - I don't see any branding on these.
Weinmann 622x14 Alloy ‘414’ rims
Joy Tech Hubs G88 rear I88 front
HTI A19 pedals

To get it ridable it got the following:
Jack Brown mile muncher tyres
Fibrax brake blocks
New brake and gear cables and housings
MKS steel half toe clips
Hex key QR skewers for added security (the chrome QR skewers were not locking securely)


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