Giant Cadex CFM2 1993 18" Mountain Bike


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Giant Cadex CFM2.

I think this is a 1993 model. Carbon fibre tubes bonded into aluminium lugs. Came with a Deore DX groupset and Campagnolo Stheno rims. I added Rockshox Quadra suspension forks and have owned the bike from new.

The bike is in good condition but is beginning to show it's age. I had it serviced last year by my LBS. The headset is past it and feels pretty rough. There is a large scrape on the rear chainstay that happened from the bike being badly propped up on a ferry not long after I got it, superficial only. Some chips of paint on the rear seatstay join where the rear brake cable has hit against it.

All original apart from saddle, grips, front derailleur and tyres.

Has a cateye astrale cyclecomputer that works for speed but unfortunately not for cadence anymore and a set of Zoom Ned Overend barends.

Looking for £100 and the bike to be collected as not sure how I would post it safely. Can also deliver to Glentress or any of the seven stanes sites as I can make a day of riding out of it.


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That's a nice bike there. Shame I'm too far down south, else I would be mad keen? Don't suppose you would post?


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Archive shows you to be correct on the age and my guess was wrong, Apologies


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it might be a 1994, certainly around that era when I bought it.

I don't really know where to start in terms of posting it, not sure how I would package it or who to send it with.