Genuine Independent Fabrication Replacement Decals


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Just came across these the other day, forgot I had them. Bought them when I had my Steel Deluxe, and had planned for a refurb. But sold it.

A full set of genuine replacement Indy Fab decals.
Two sets available, one in blue/white (the light blue, not the royal blue) and one set in pink/white.

I never ordered the headtube decals as I had the silver headtube badge.

Got a few other Indy Fab decals spare too, mainly seatstay that came with the two sets I ordered (through Sideways Cycles at the time).

Only available direct from I.F. now.

These are transfer style decals, not die-cut vinyl jobbies.

Anyway, here's the link (check my other items for the other decals):