FSX brace in black, v brake version.


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His Italian description translates to:

Rockshox Judy FSX fork mount, original, V-brake style, (Retro MTB). The condition is "Used".
It was part of my fork, THE PIECE HAS BEEN MODIFIED, some aluminum material has been brought back near the countersunk holes for fixing to the fork, it has been well detailed, as you can see from the various photographs and finally it has been anodized GRAY / BLACK. There are also its two spring stops for the aluminum-colored v-brakes. I am selling it as the piece had been replaced with another more robust one, and since I no longer have a bicycle and consequently a fork, I am selling it.
If you have any other questions or would like more photos, please contact me.
The object you will receive is exactly the one in the photograph.
I don't accept returns.
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And as per the 10 hole canti design, as opposed to the 8 hole v brake design, it’s a canti one that’s had the top cut off again, like the one I acquired and sold.

Why did so many do that to them - hey ho


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Because it was still the time of the canti brake when released. (so no V /magura version).
So just get rid when you didn't need it.


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Funny that people just really couldn't handle looking at that little extra nubby on top of the arch though!

Surely there's no other reason for lopping it off?

Other than to reduce your chances of selling it 30 years later to all the fools like me that still want to run cantis!