FS: 54cm Italian Carrera Columbus SLX (NOT Halfords Carrera)


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Selling my old bike as I've upgraded and I'm poor cos of Covid.

Will say straight off the bat that the bike has received a fair bit of use over the years.

The frame itself is in relatively good nick though, aside from a substantial amount of aesthetic only paint chipping caused by my bike lock (see pics below). Components wise: The left shifter is pretty battered and although I've had the back wheel trued, it too is a bit dodge.

Ideally this bike would suit someone looking for a doer upper project who might want to strip it down and build it back up.

If you didn't already know, this is NOT a Halfords Carrera bike but the Italian brand of the same name.


Some spec here:

Italian Carrera frame Columbus SLX tubing - 54cm x 54cm
Wheels - Misc?
Shimano 600 brake calipers and chainset, Shimano bottom bracket
Shimano Ultegra front mech
Shimano 105 shifters and rear mech
Campagnolo Record headset
Selle Italia saddle
ITM stem and bars

I'm really not sure how to price this tbh. There are versions of this bike going for crazy money on eBay. Granted it's not in great shape but have seen the forks alone (which are pristine) going for £120. So until someone calls me an idiot for thinking I can get anywhere near as much as this, I'll start on £500 but, obviously open to offers.

Price drop: £350

Based in Tooting.


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kenster":1emcns9r said:
Tempted shame the paints not a bit better. Love the classic original paint jobs

To be fair, paint looks a bit worse in the pics. Sure I can't tempt you further? I've got a bit of a time pressure as I'm moving in to a small flat in the next few weeks and need to be rid!


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Thanks im not in absolute need but ideally was after a 853 and frame only as have good finishing kit. Plus a 53/39 isn't going to suit the north Devon hills where I live.