FS: 18.5" Koga Miyata Tirunner Titanium with Deore etc


Dirt Disciple
Sadly I am selling my Koga Miyata Tirunner as it doesn't get enough use to justify it's spot in the house. It is a classic Titanium bonded frame with modern parts (taboo I know!) but it rides great and deserves to be used more than I do.

Frame and forks: Titanium bonded with alu lugs and an alu fork in great condition, decals not great but all otherwise perfect. 18.5" or 47cm seat tube 59cm top tube, quite a nippy ride for an older bike, very light!
Wheels: 26" Halo T2 wide rims hand built to a modern deore disc rear and shimano DH-3D37 Dynamo front hub with Halo H block tyres (i'm happy to rebuild the front wheel to a deore hub at no extra cost)
Chain cassette rear mech and shifter are modern deore 10 speed
Chainring is a narrow wide MRP Wave 36t and a hollowtech deore chainset with XT pedals
Seatpost is Thompson and a Whyte saddle (not pictured)
Stem is a specialized on a quill converter and bars are Genesis sweepbacks
Brakes are Deore LX V Brakes

Asking £500, which is a lot less than i paid!

Hit me up with any questions, collect in Homerton, Clapham or post at cost in the UK