From tyre to tyre A Kona"s Tale


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Sometime in May 2019 a forum member needed a bike collecting from the South lakes in Cumbria It's in the county so I though I'd help out.

The bike in question turned out to be a very original 1989 Kona Cinder Cone with correct reaction tyres also in good condition and this is what had attracted our beloved forum member "twas not the bike, but the tyres he sort". So after a few PMs I found myself in possession of an 89 cinder cone with no tyres :facepalm: .

As you can see it had some very bright attachments

They where not to my taste :?

I had a few projects on the go at the time so I mulled over what to do with it, It was nearly original cables could be replaced fairly easily but now with out its tyres it would never be original again...
It was the shark fin that ultimately decided this bikes fate proudly sporting its XT logo. Whilst working at rebike I had the chance to pick up some nice bits, XT headset, M735 brake shifter combo and a set of wheels RM20 super hard on XT M732 hubs the grey rims fitted in well with the Kona paint scheme, so it was decided "XT rebuild here we come". Going through the parts bin proved very fruitful it turned up a rear mech, chainset and a black front brake all of the M732 variety. :cool:

I had to find a few other parts: rear u brake, front mech and I also wanted a black seat post. So with a bit of help from the Forum which turned up a NOS rear brake, eBay supplied the front mech and a google search which turned up a NOS XT seat post from Boulder cycles USA the items where acquired and it was time to bolt it up. Not with out a minor set back, I had to trim the steerer tube as it was to long for the XT headset.

And that was it really, I finished it off with a set of Tioga psychos just before going to Mayhem that year, but due to a worn cable bolt (thanks for pointing it out Mr Cheese :oops: ) the back brake didn't work properly and so was never rode. :facepalm:

I thought that was the end of the story, I had planned to do a build thread but it never happened :?: Then in November last year I was sorting out a bike for a mate who I'd bought my 89 splatter Fire mountain off and we got talking about the Cinder Cone. He told me He had a pair of Kona tyres on eBay and I could have them as part payment, always on the look out for retro tyres I naturally said yes :D

I got around to fitting them today so it kinda completes the cycle. I still have all the original parts except for the pink stuff which I managed to give away eventually :LOL: :LOL: so it can be reset to near original, but for now it stand as a retro upgrade, which if I'd of had it back in the 90's it would of received the same treatment. :D

So what were the tyres can't add anymore photos to this post anyone care to guess ? ;)


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raidan73":1xgiw3ct said:
There it is :D

Looks great mate

Thanks Adrian

as no ones playing :roll:


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