For Sale: 1993 Kona Hahanna [SOLD]


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For sale is my wife's Hahanna. We want to get her something a bit newer so it's time to move this one on.

Condition is generally good. Some scratches here and there (see pics) - it's a used bike after all! Crucially, everything works, and it's perfectly rideable right away. I've just stripped it down to clean and rebuild so it's all shiny too.

Spec is close to original, but not quite. Brake levers, front brakes, saddle, post and handlebars have been changed, but the rest is as Joe Murray intended ;) It's a mixture of Altus A10/A20 with 200GS thumbies. The bars are Scott Vertigo risers in gold ano that I foolishly painted. Front brakes are Avid V's and it's got STX-RC adjustable levers.

The worst bit is that the front cable hanger has been cut from the Velocity stem so there's no going back to cantis without installing a headset cable hanger. Sorry, entirely my fault - I did that egregious act approx 15 years ago and I like to think I'm a better person now (I'm probably not). There's no cap for the stem either.

Tyres are Panaracer Smoke. They're pretty cracked so I wouldn't push it too hard before changing them. There's a bit of surface rust on the spokes but I've had a go with some aluminium foil and water (I still don't know why that works) and they're coming up ok. If the arthritis in my hands allows I'll finish the job.

The size is teeny-tiny. I believe it's a 14". Upon judicious application of the tape measure I get 11" c-c and 14" c-t.

I'm after £150 for it. Collection only from Northampton. I appreciate given the current situation that travelling for a bike isn't within the spirit of the rules, but I won't judge you if you do! If you want me to hold it until massive bike-related impulse buying is back on the national agenda, we can figure out some kind of deposit.



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More pics.


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Re: For Sale: 1993 Kona Hahanna


Anyone interested if I could post it? I'll drop into my lbs tomorrow and see if they've got a spare box.