Flying Scot that isn't - Possibly French high end frame ID help please. Lots of pics.


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Picture of bike:

Album of frame details:

Hello everyone. Firstly I have a fair few bikes of this age however this one is a little unusual and wondered if anyone could assist.

I am not convinced this is a Flying Scot. Their frames were hand built to my knowledge (this looks factory made), and at this age they would be marked up as 'Flying Scot' as opposed to 'The', however would love some guidance for this.

1. It really does not look repainted, or at least recently. There is no signs this isn't original paint, or at least has some age on it that matches the frame.

2. There is a real mixture of what was once high end groupset, along with other random parts. Miche bars, Mavic BB, 600 / RX etc.

3. The decals do not look low quality or reproduced and are under laquer, of which the laquer age matches the bikes suspected age of mid to late 80s at a guess.

4. Unusual seatpost securing method.

5. Integrated cabling on top tube.

6. Frame pings when tapped highly like at least 531.

7. Complete bike is very light for a steel frame.

8. Rear dropouts marked C4. Front dropouts marked LG.

9. 68mm wide BB with Mavic BB

10. Aero style oval rear stays

12. Fastback seatpost securing bolt (hopefully this is one of the main giveaways)

If it's not a flying Scot I'm suspecting Peugeot? Any advice at all appreciated. I'm loving the Sante rear derailleur. Thankyou for any replies.


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My first thought was Motobecane, and a very quick Google found this:écane-racing-bike

Not identical to yours, but there are more than enough similarities to make me think I'm in the right ballpark. Motobecane used what they called "inexternal brazing", which gives the smooth lugless tube joints in your pictures, without obvious visible welds.
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Wow you didn't waste any time! I thank you muchly. I think it's a later version that I've found, you were right!


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