Flushing Magura HS33


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I have picked up a set of HS33s that one of the pistons was not moving on. I've stripped them and not much fluid seemed to come out of the small tube between the two brake pad units, I'm guessing it was empty or blocked. I have about enough fluid to fill the system once, so before I waste it, should I flush the system? and if so can I use anything other than the Magura specific fluid to do so?


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I'd just fill the system and push out as much of the old fluid as you can with the new fluid you have, I wouldn't worry too much about fully flushing them.
The old fluid may look cloudy, but its not like DOT fluid in that it doesn't absorb any moisture over time, so it really does last years and years.
As above, a litre of LHM is loads cheaper than the Magura Royal Blood and is essentially the same, it'll last you for years!