Flip Bike: Seth's Bike Hacks starts flipping retrobikes


Retrobike Rider
Havent watched it yet but anticipating some newbie bulllshit about old bikes haha, tbh most the stuff he does can be be okay


Old School Hero
I quite like him/his videos. Watched it the other night and concluded long before he did that he paid too much for his project bike. But we all live and learn.


Orange 🍊 Fan
Almost gave up when he said that biopace chainrings were oblong. Not sure that would have caught on...

If you're gonna flip a bike, then at least start with something that originally had some intrinsic value. $70 is about £50 I think - I was staggered he paid more than £20 for it.

$125 asking price for a bitsa - even a well serviced and presentable one - I'm not surprised he didn't sell it.


Rocky Mountain Fan
Pretty clear from the outset it wasn’t profitable. On the ‘flip’ side, he basically rescued an old bike that no one gave a shit about, did a pretty good job. Nothing unethical imho. Unlike some of the unscrupulous flippers out there…


Old School Hero
Some of his stuff is a bit hit and miss,but the whole I find his vids pretty good. I guess his bike choice was somewhat limited as he's sponsered by diamond back. He cant really go out and do a competitors bike from back then.

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