FINISHED - Pace RC200 F1 with special RC35s. Pics on Page 6


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Frame: 1992 Pace RC200 F1 team issue (weld-on Magura mounts instead of Canti's)

Fork: 1992 Pace RC35 Gen. 1 custom (1/2 elastomer longer travel)

Headset: Mavic 315
Stem: X-Lite L168
Handlebar: Pace/Renthal RC130
Grips: Ritchey Truegrips
Barends: X-Lite Alto Pro II

Brakes: Magura HS22 Race Line
Brake Pads: Magura
Brake Levers:Magura HS22 Race Line

Shifters: Shimano XT Thumbies
Front Derailleur: Suntour Braze-on
Rear Derailleur: Shimano XT
Shifters: Shimano XT thumb-shifters
Derailleur Cables: Shimano
Cassette: Shimano HG 11-28
Chain: Shimano HG
Cranks: Middleburn RS7 94
Crank Bolts: X-Lite alloy
Chainrings: Pace Extruder groove 46 & 36, Middleburn 22
Chainring bolts: Pace
Bottom Bracket: Action-Tec Attack Ti 112mm
Pedals: Shimano XTR SPD 25th Anniversary

Hub Skewers: X-Lite
Rims: Mavic 217 SUP
Hubs: Hope Ti-Glide rear, Pace RC50 front
Nipples: Ally/Brass
Spokes: DT butted
Tyres: Miyata Herbold 2.1" f & r specific
Tubes: Generic tubes

Saddle: X-Lite PSS Kevlar
Seatpost: X-Lite Clikon
Seatpost Binder: Pace

Weight: 11.7 kg / 25.7 lbs

So Santa arrived early this year...

Thanks Lee / Kult Friction

It took ages with the scissors but...(saddle and stem/bars added by an eager new owner....

Not your bog std RC200 but;

"A one-off built frame - 1992, the frame doesn't have brake pivots, but four bolt magura Hydrostop mounts and no rear brake cable stop on the wishbone or brake cable guides on the frame (a la RC100), It's anodised champagne (almost the same colour as the Pace extruder chainrings) and has no frame number! It was a special sorted by one of the guys at Pace bitd, Possibly Adrian.

The forks work perfectly (Even still running on the original '92 elastomers :shock: ) and have been running like so since day one with an outlandish 65mm travel IIRC, All thanks to slightly longer stanchions, extended elastomer stack and longer damper rods, Which in all fairness is all there is to them"

However, iPost Parcels still managed to break something :evil:

Anyone have one of these Magura brakets to spare?


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Re: Winter project started - Pace RC200 F2 with special RC35s

Yummy frame feller shame about the damaged bit,,


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Re: Winter project started - Pace RC200 F2 with special RC35s

Second that, a proper mountain bike worth doing a nice job on.


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Re: Winter project started - Pace RC200 F2 with special RC35s

Frame mocked up and better camera used




Question now is which way to go...

Ideas are;

All black - so Syncros Revolution cranks, Syncros hubs with black rims and possibly black spokes, blackwall tyres
Also if I go All black, wondering about the bars, may stick with the Syncros I have, or go with an Easton EA70 Monkey bar (low rise)

or possibly

Yorkshire Square (I am originally from Pickering...) - so USE seatpost, Middleburn cranks, a Hope T-Glide rear hub/Pace RC50 front hub wheelset , X-Lite bars, bar-ends & QRs...Question is which stem can I then use on the 1" steerer?

Any comments /tips from the viewing public?
Also anyone selling the hubs I am after, or got a spare of the above bracket which the postie broke?


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Re: Winter project started - Pace RC200 F2 with special RC35s

Update - a few parts arrived, XT rear mech from RB member raidan73 and Easton Monkey bars from Fleabay, and new Magura clamps from Tarty Bikes, to replace the one the postie broke. Will mount all 4 new clamps when final clean-up and build is done.


and mounted - ignore the short brake line, that's due to the old bar width and they'll be gettin' replaced anyway (if I stick with the riser bars)


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I've owned my F2 since 94 and will take it to the grave with... :D

Love the fact yours is different to the normal canti set up, was loving what you had planned until I saw those bars :shock: and then you lost me, Renthals would look awesome


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Ha ha - don't lose faith yet. Got the bars so cheap, so I am playing around with ideas. My preference is still with an X-Lite stem and straight bars. At least that'll save me having to replace the brake line :)

Dibbed a silver & Ti Hope/Mavic wheelset and Middleburn crankset yesterday. Sweet!

Also wondering about a Black X-Lite seatpost...


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Re: Winter project started - Pace RC200 F2 with special RC35s

Time to dismantle the forks - still with original elastomers according to last owner Lee - and it looks like they are - what's left of them...


so, as they are specials - the core rod is 119mm long,


it's time for an E-mail to Pace to order a "one-off" elastomer kit