Fat City Cycles "Yo Eddy" COVID-19 mask


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A fellow retrobiker recently sent me this item he got from eBay.
It's an official Fat City Cycles "Yo Eddy" COVID-19 mask.

Wow! That Chris Chance is a true visionary!
Imagine the kind of foresight required to create a COVID mask in 1990, a full 30 years before it was needed!

In any case, I got it in the mail last week, and I've been using it for awhile, but I think I need to stop using it because it's making my breath smell like sh_t!

As face masks go, it's actually quite stylish, though, and I realize that one needs to endure a bit of inconvenience once in awhile in order to be a fashion plate "dandy" like myself, but sometimes it stinks so bad that I'm constantly having to swat flies away from my face, and every now and then I throw up a little bit in my mouth.

I must say, however, that I do look quite cool while wearing it.   It's got a "Fat Chance" logo above the padded breathing filter, and I can't tell you how many looks I get when I wear it. I think the people that gawk and point at me are just jealous, but I guess they don't realize that fashion sometimes comes at the price of pain, discomfort, and in this case, outright revulsion.

In any case, I've decided to gift it back to the sender in the hopes that his nausea threshhold is a bit higher than mine. Meanwhile, I'm relegated to looking like just another plain vanilla commoner amongst a sea of humanity while wearing a mere generic COVID mask... :(


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Well, so much for my feeble attempt at humor :oops:
The silence is deafening. I was hoping to provide a few laughs, bit I see now that it has completely backfired.

<crickets stop chirping, somewhere in the distance a pin drops and the sound echos when it hits the ground>

Sorry to have interrupted. Carry on...

I'll just get my coat here and ah.... get back to the sales and auction pages where I belong....ahem....

<gets coat, walks to door, quietly closes door and leaves>