Fat Chance Me & Mini Me matching builds


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I thought i’d put some pictures up of (mainly) my sons build of a mid 90s Buckshaver.

Rewind back to December 2019 and I was thinking of birthday present ideas for my 7 year old whi was turning 8 in January. Given my younger son (who was 5 at the time was outgrowing his bike and due to take over my eldest son’s Trek, I thought a bike would be a sensible idea.

My son was happy with the idea so I started looking at 24” wheel bikes (previous one was 20”). Nothing really stood out and I thought they would also be quite heavy.

Then I remembered from my youth that some manufacturers made XS frames (Klein and Offroad sprang to mind) and starting looking on ebay and retrobike for ideas.

I came across an XS Buckshaver from a fellow member on here and bought it off him. On arrival, it looked pretty good but tired. I told my son that we’ll get it off to the sprayers and managed to convince him that Aquafade would be a good choice (being original for a Fat Chance albeit not for a Buckshaver). A few pictures later and my son was convinced.
That was still in December 2019.
I realise that the forks are back to front on the original photo.

I sent the frame to SixFour Frameworks (former Roberts master builder) who then sent it on to the sprayers.
Due to covid 19 and also the sprayers missing a patch of rust which SixFour Frameworks repaired, the frame was re-sprayed twice before being returned in August.

Whilst it was at the sprayers I managed to find a Yo Eddy in my size on ebay. I bought it and sent it across to them as well to get sprayed into Aquafade as well.

I’ve had to prioritise my sons build as he has been without a bike for most of this year.
I’ve given him guidance on retrobuilds but allowed him some more modern concessions as he does like carbon fibre so the handlebars and seatpost are not retro. Fortunately the Pace forks that came with the bike were both carbon and light so we both agreed that they could stay.

My son insisted on XTR so shifters and rear mech are XTR M950 but wasnt able to find a decent hub on time for the wheel build.
Ended up sourcing NOS CTR front hub and XT rear hub with NOS Campagnolo rims and CarbonTi QRs. I will therefore be running 7 speed.
Due to British Cycling rules for younger riders regarding the gearing (and also in order to keep the weight down), it will be running just 1x7 but with higher gear ratios than his existing bike. HUP cranks and carbon BB ensure low W factor (although the cranks have not yet been fitted) but should just clear the chainstays.

By keeping to XTR, the odd carbon bit here and there, weight is currently 18.5lbs which I think is not bad for an old steel frame with suspension forks.
Still need to add a chain and the XTR rear mech and the XTR v brakes. Hopefully this will remain under 20lbs.

My Yo Eddy is lagging behind. Currently has Ringle Stem and seatpost, Flite Ti seat, Hyperlite bars, XTR cantis, Ringle/Bullseye hubs on Campag rims and Ringle QR.


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Devout Dirtbag
Hotwheels.":2e3u176k said:
Glad you got the forks on the right way.

Was hoping no one would notice. Feel a right plum taking that photo. I’d just taken delivery of it and quickly reassembled it without thinking before taking the photos.


Old School Grand Master

Lovely FATs :mrgreen: My daughter has a XS Monster with purple/pink fade and factory M2 ( lots of alloy/Ti and custom squish elastomers ) and rides it like she stole it. Loves it and follows me downhill at full tilt ( with helmet of course ) but has never come close to coming off even on technical wet rooty twisty tree terrain. Great handling bikes and very light which helps a lot on clumbs which she really flies up.

Enjoy :D