Falcon competitor 531c bike information


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Hello everyone.

I'm after some information about a bike I have had for years but never used. It was given to me by an old family friend many years ago but has just sat in my shed until recently. I am considering getting it back up to scratch but dont have any knowledge on the bike so it could be a waste of my time and money if its no good (like a poor make etc).

All I know is its a Falcon Cycles Competitor with a 531c frame/tubing. I am not great when it comes to the technical side of a road bike! So any information would be much appretiated.



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Obster, other than your post being in the mountain bike part of the forum (perhaps the Mods will move your thread), anything 531C is pretty good. 'Good' racers will be Reynolds double butted 531, 531C has thinner tubes and so will be a bit lighter i.e. for 'race' (!) use.
It looks in good condition with Campagnolo parts. What do you ultimately want to do with it? Have you ridden other bikes for the years you've had it, or will this be a getting back in the saddle after years sort of thing?


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Oh damn lol can you tell I'm new to this 😅

Well I have started riding to work but I'm currently on a mountain bike and liked the idea of getting the old girl out the shed and fit for use again. If not then I may try sell it to someone who would get better use out of it. I was told that the old style wheels and tyres are no good for our pot hole roads so woudlntbe worth using as a commuter!


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Wheels is wheels.... I ride 25C Gatorskins on my daily commuter and as long as they're pumped up they're fine on the modern (potholed) road. Only if they're a bit flat or I crash into the side of a pothole have I had the occasional snake-bite puncture from the rim.
Those tyres look maybe 21C, so quite narrow and maybe skittish. Get it on the road and see how you go as to whether you'd want the outlay of new, slightly wider tyres. Or get some slicks on your MTB? What is your MTB anyway?


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Ok I might give it a go, see how I get on. Its a nicer route by country roads and I can take a longer route on my way home with the road bike. I use a Giant, its nothing special but does the job. I mix it up between hybrid tyres and standard mountain bike tyres.