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When Andy Thompson closed down Brigg a few years ago there were a number of nice frames knocking about.....

jim haseltine

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The copper plated bikes were built for a show in Milan I think. Both were equipped with Campag Super Record although until I pointed it out nobody had noticed that somehow the road bike had a set of pedals with two righthand cages. Shortly after they arrived a load of gear was shipped in from Quinn's in Liverpool which included bags full of lugs and bottom bracket shells.
I remember there was a guy called George who split his time between working in the frame shop and ferrying one or the other of the Clements brothers around in Ernie's Roller. He wasn't over happy about the hoops he had to jump through to build with 753 which was pretty new stuff at the time.

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Someone I knew had a 'Harry Quinn' which was a typical Far Eastern import BSO of dubious quality. How the mighty were fallen at that time. I suppose they were using up stocks of transfers and sticking them on any old thing that happened to need some.


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As someone who likes a Falcon or two for no real reason I have yet to fathom I thoroughly enjoy all the Falcon history I get from the various Falcon based threads in these pages, carry on its great.