Eastern Grim Reaper

Since I don't know myself I did a little Googling found this statement sums it up. "If you grind on the right lhd keeps your drive train out of the way so it doesn't get messed up. Rhd drive keeps your drivetrain out of the way for people with left side pegs. For 4 pegs you ride the side opposite your dominant side."
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Because I’m a sucker for punishment I decided to bite on this BMX at the latest police bike auction. Couldn’t resist the unique frame and possible satisfaction of restoration this one may bring. Anyone can peg the year down that would help. I’m think 2006 but not sure.
Any plans for this, defo keep the b&q emulsion paint job lol.. Unusual seat post binder.
Ya, seat post binder temporary Waiting for some goodies from Eastern but having a lost mail issue. Plan on getting Jet Black/Jet Black Izumi chain for it then Probably move it on.
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