Early 90s Bontrager Saddle


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Okay, so I really scored picking up an early 90s Rocky Mountain on Facebook marketplace, only paid $50. It has a number of great parts including Machine Tech Zero Flex calipers (didn't know what they were until someone on RB filled me in) Dia-Compe SS-5 MKII levers, Raceface cranks, 8 speed XT RD, Syncros Stem, nice light wheels, etc.. Not sure what I'm doing with the frame yet or the spent Judy fork. Great score though, all this for $50.

Note the well used saddle. I remember these, nice side profile but a bit odd looking (always been a flite guy). around 200g so pretty light. After some research looks like they're pretty rare. I'm pretty good at recovering so decided to save this one:

The date mark on the bottom is '93

I plan to find out myself soon but I'm wondering what others thing of this saddle, is it comfortable? Since it seems rare, maybe it never caught on?


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Absolutely my favourite saddle ever. Made by San Marco; two versions, C40 steel rails or Titanium.

I can't bear Flites!


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Re: Re:

jonnymcenroe":2duhxnqz said:

You definitely did well there!

What frame is it?


Thanks! It was a challenge for sure. The seller of the bike told me it was based on the early 90s Rocky Mountain Equipe model but built for him by a Rocky employee friend of his, cool story. Not sure what I'll do with the frame yet, it's about 4.75 lbs, pretty light Cromo frame of the day


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hamster":2w1401kc said:
Absolutely my favourite saddle ever. Made by San Marco; two versions, C40 steel rails or Titanium.

I can't bear Flites!

Interesting, I regret to say how a saddle looks is as important to me as how comfortable it is (Flites are my favorite for both looks and comfort), especially on the vintage bikes I fix up. The Bonty looks odd to me with its rear cut off corners at some angles. Looks great from the side though. Was thinking of selling it


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Pretty sure that's the same as my Bontrager TI saddle. Came as standard equipment on my 1994 Diamondback Axis.


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I think the later C20 and C40 saddles were made by Velo. Selle San Marco did the titanium versions only I'm fairly sure. :)

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It's not quite the same as my Bontrager Ti saddle which was OEM on my KHS Montana Team. The side profile is slightly different, my Ti doesn't have the 'step', but the cut off corners are still there.
Bontrager Ti.jpg