Early 1990's Bontrager Dirt Drop - Syncros - Salsa - Chris King - GoreTex


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Just come back to look at this again.

I want it.
shipping from Canada aint cheap ;P

I'm actually working on the bike right now. Downgrading it a bit... but tastfully, with raw aluminum bits to compliment the xtr and tech lite parts in a way that goes well with the matte green and black.

The race lite wheelset ive decided to put on a 98' privateer. Replaced with xtr m900 hubs with specialized rims that came on a 93' s-works.
Cranks I am switching to polished cook cranks with the same profile racing rings. The syncros being saved for something else.
And finally switched out the black salsa skewers for silver ringle holey.

A bit more period correct and keeping with the style of Salsa ala carte dirt drop builds that inspired this build.

pics incoming


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Very nice
Do you got a solution for using those 2 gears Dura Ace shifter for a 3 rings crank ?


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Very nice
Do you got a solution for using those 2 gears Dura Ace shifter for a 3 rings crank ?
Its a 600 shifter, and Ive only got 2 rings up front :p. Someday I may fork up the big bucks for wtb or dkg xtr mounts, but they are pretty insanely rare these days, not to mention crazy expensive. I'm not really a granny type of guy either, and this 2 speed front goes well with this road/cx inspired mtb. The leverage ratio difference is negligible between the two derailleurs so there is no issue with any rubbing or gear change issues.


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I love this bike.


Both versions (so far ;)), to the point where I find it hard to pick a preference.

Certainly none of the changes you’ve made have put me off it at all!

Looks fast just sitting there, which is a cliche but also one of the greatest compliments you can pay to a bike I think.

As a fan of those Salsa dirt drop builds too, I think you’ve done something really nice here.

So nice I wonder if I’d be brave enough to do something similar if and when I ever track down the perfect Bonty? Makes total sense to build a Salsa Dirt Drop homage with a Bontrager considering the close relationship between the two.


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I take that back.

I’ve just gone and looked at Version 1 again, and as great as it was, you’ve smashed it out of the park with 2.0.

Or 1.2, or whatever!

The cooks; the hint of silver dotted around the build now. It lightens the whole bike up just the right amount. And that really helps make that green paint pop too. The black bits don’t feel too overwhelming either. Really nicely balanced.

I want to ride it!

Also, anyone else have funny feelings about Bontrager seatpost clusters? That cable routing makes me feel weird things inside and I could stare at it all day.


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Awesome ! my own Bonty Race is in Olive drab…years ago a removed one sticker panel, seeing this makes me think the other one might have to go too!

The black bonty forks are super cool too!