Doubt it’s legit but…

The picture is AI. Whats the first marin leaning on in the second picture! The bars are nowhere near the wall.....but in the first they are!

Also look at the front wheel behind the Klein fork.....

I dont really understand what the seller thinks he's going to get from this?

Unless he's actually AI too!
And I defo think that if you were to sell a collection like this you wouldn’t sell on gumtree, you’d sell on eBay. Surely this is fake or a slim chance of being a great deal. The bikes there are easily worth 5 figures.
Unless the tyres and forks have magical morphing abilities then i doubt this picture is real.
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The second picture shows the wheel turned in behind the other fork.
Whilst I think the seller is sus and the pictures have obviously been photshopped to an extent, I do think they are of a real collection, just not in the posession of the gumtree seller.
There was a Guy in that area few yrs bk selling retro bikes.
If its same guy he wouldn’t take £80 I offered him for a bike,that at the time he said if not sold by end of the day it would be skipped.
Had a FB episode where messages were exchanged for a while, then all of a sudden the seller said it had to go within the next day since he was going to be out of the country. As there was no time for me to pickup he offered to post it instead if I paid online.

Sudden time limits make me very suspicious...