For Sale Deore shifters 9,DX sti,thumbies, derailleurs and a u brake


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9 speed ...£20 posted...few marks but actually quite presentable. SOLD
7 speed thumbies seen some action...still do exactly what they're meant to do ! £20 posted
If you buy em you can have the random brake levers above them in the pic 😁...if I can find any adjusters you'll get em!

DX left-hand shifter is brand new never fitted tiny ickle nicks if you zoom you'll see em...easyish touch up .. £25 posted.

400lx derailleurs cosmetically challenged but very good on all pivots £20 posted the pair

500 LX exage derailleurs absolute bombproof rolls Royce ...I love the moon and back and then infinity they will go... actually in really nice cosmetic condition and all pivots lovely £25 posted the pair SOLD.

Deore DX ...holy samosas...seen a war...presumably they won it! Have had these running fine on a beater but they is loose like a randy moose!...£15 posted


And Ubrake....and I stack into the back of you...😂......dust cover on right is broke other than that it'll stop you! I'll have a straddle cable somewhere I'll chuck in..£20 posted
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They are for a posh ish build but more than happy to give them a fettle. Just wanna check for anything nasty