December Bristol Bike Jumble!! Midday 2/12/23


Retrobike Rider
The Bristol Bike Jumble is on again on Saturday DECEMBER 2ND midday at BW Cycling.
MANY MANY thanks to Bw Cycling for allowing this event to be hosted in their lovely car park ( shade in summer, rain cover in winter!! )
Brunel Lock
Smeaton Road
Bristol, BS1 6SE

THERE IS NO PARKING AT BW CYCLING but you can offload: your gear will be looked after while you find a parking spot.

Setting up a seller's pitch is free! You'll need your own table ( or a blanket, whatever )

YOU WON'T BE BOTHERED WHILE SETTING UP YOUR STALL: tell me when you're ready and then I'll let everyone swoop in.

There's a few things you can do to help continue the goodwill we have with BW Cycling
PLEASE SEE ME to get a seller's spot and don't just pitch up in the middle of BW Cycling's customer car park-that really would not be nice.
Please try and bring a float ( about £50 in smaller notes and pound coins will do fine )
I'm Mark Barnett and my number is 07971667824 if you need to contact me and sort out details.
How to get there and parking....


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