Dawes Edge £50 Oxford - Reynolds 653


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I went to have a look when it was £75 and the fact the top tube has damage and the frame is a bit meh put me off. The components are all there but not in there first flush of youth. If you need any help in collection then please ask as its 10 mins down the road and i do get around the country a bit.


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The top tube cable stop had the far left section removed some how??? and this had been replaced by bolting on a down tube cable stop I didn't want to pry into the part as i had already decided it was not for me but if you want help getting it then i will help as i can.


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That does sound like a bit of a bodge. It's unfortunately/fortunately too small for me, but if I think of anyone who wanted me to build a bike up for them I'll get in touch.