Dawes Countryman - Mid 80’s


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Hi All..

I have had this bike since new but has been neglected for quite a few years..

can anyone advise if this is something that is:
Worth selling
Worth renovating & selling...

Thanks in advance!



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That's a great looking machine. Nothing to dislike about a full Reynolds 531 frameset and some lovely components.

In my experience, the money you'd spend on a really comprehensive renovation (new paint etc) you'd be unlikely to get back.

More likely, if you're thinking a strip down, clean, regrease and new inner cables, tubes etc then why not! Always good to make an old bike rideable again.

But I'm sure someone would be happy with it as is and would enjoy doing those jobs themselves.
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focomat 1c

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Ditto what he said ! A bit of touchup on the paint followed by a good polish , sort out/clean the various components
one at a time , and in a few weeks you will have a perfectly serviceable and stylish retro bike for a minimal outlay . Otherwise sell
it exactly as is . At least its been saved from the tip !