Dawes Bike Identification Grame 531.


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Hello, I recently took a dawes bike in lovely green on a Reynolds 531 frame. However there are no decals to suggest the model of bike. The colour of green is identical to the galaxy or super galaxy. Is there a way i can find out out sure? Frame number is DC6139. Thanks Ash


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Hello thanks for all your replies I have provided some photos if it helps. Happy New Year all. Thanks Ash


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I believe the 'green sunburst' colour scheme was used on the Lightning model. Not sure which year exactly, but mid-eighties.


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Thanks that is helpful. Next question ...qny price range a refurbished one would be worth. I assume around 100.


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I am not familiar with the market in your area, so it's best to check the prices of similar bikes on your local classifieds sites for reference.

If you're going to sell it anyway, refurbishing usually isn't worth the trouble. Raise the saddle a bit, lower the stem a lot, give it a clean and air up the tyres. Take some good pictures, at least one of the full bike from the drive side.

Good luck!


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The Lightning did come in that "green sunburst" colour scheme, but I don't think that's one. My brother had a Lightning in about 1980 (in "burnt cherry") and the frame wasn't 531. It's true that 531 stickers can be bought, but that one looks original - or at least, like it's been there a long time.

My guess would be a Dawes Jaguar from the early eighties, but I can't be certain. The Jaguar had 531 main tubes, but cheaper forks. Other bikes in the range either had 531 forks or cheaper materials throughout. Is the 531 sticker legible?

There's a 1982 catalogue here:

It's not a perfect match for your bike, but models would change from year to year. You may find a date code stamped on the rear of the brake calipers if they're Weinmanns.
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Okay, I googled up the ebay listing:

It's certainly not a Galaxy or a Lightning. The 531 sticker looks authentic, and identifies the frame as 531 butted main tubes only. The fork bend and clearances are a bit too sporty for a Galaxy, and the quality's a bit too good for a Lightning. The components look like a good fit for the Jaguar - VX derailleurs, sidepull brakes, what looks like a fairly narrow ratio 6-speed block. I'd say early the eighties Jaguar is a pretty good match.

The thing that throws me a bit is the clip-on rear brake cable. Catalogues show braze-ons for the cable along the top tube, and I can't find another Jaguar in that colour.