Sold Dawes Audax for sale - Large 631 - £200 ONO


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Hello all,

I'm selling my Dawes Audax 2006
Its a lovely bike for commuting Audax or anything really.

The paintwork is impeccable mark free except for a small chip on the top tube and the chainstay. The bike has been well looked after but the stable has become too big for the missus. So unfortunately it has to go to another home.

Located in Oxford IMG_20210508_093908.jpg
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Johnny Ragwort

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These are great bikes. I have one (the older version in 531C) which I use as my daily transport for a 25 mile round commute as well as for Audax rides. It does everything... pottering to the shops, long fast day rides, commuting or light touring. If I had to get rid of all my bikes but one, the Dawes Audax is the one I'd keep.


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It went to a coworker at council that works in active travel dpt. I was slightly sad to see it go but what made it easier was 0 top tube clearance for me.

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