Sold Crupi Pro Square pedals w/ titanium 9/16 axles


Retro Guru
Yup OG bmx parts are ridiculous now days. I may be wrong but I thought the rounds were mini?
TBH, I think a loot of parts are on the good price on the Museum. Flea Bay is always out of price. For my current project I find the 83' GT Pro Nora Cup frame on Ebay DE local at a nice price and find nice help from the Museum members to source OG GT fork (not Nora, but in VGC) and some others parts. The big difference between MTB and BMX is that the golden age is the 90's for one and 80's for other and it's also more easy to find nice 90's MTB parts in EU instead of early BMX parts more located in US and in smaller quantities.. Just my two cents..