Couple of Holdsworths from 1958


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A couple from 1958, Monsoon and Shop built Factory Special Zephyr. I have had the Monsoon for several years now and it has been in various forms, but now runs 3sp Benelux gears. As I am collecting more single speeds the 3sp fits well. The Zephyr I pick up last year as I was puzzled by the warped seat stay rather than the typical fluted one. With that and integral seat binder & threaded rear brake bridge these are all shop features. Reg Collar moved to the shop in 1958 to build he factory specials so my assumption is this is one of the early ones to be built. Both go well and get regular use, I will change the 27" rims on the Zephyr, as the wheels need a bit of attention, to get better tyre choice and use them on another project in the future.IMAG7825.jpg


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