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So, I'm a wee bit reluctant to let these go as they are super cool (my opinion only). However, that being said, I have had enjoyment out of them and the frame that they were mounted on is infortunately no more. I haven't got anything in the pipeline that I can think of to put them on so I'm offering them up for sale for somebody else to enjoy and also fund more parts for future projects.

Hope Ti Glide front and rear mounted on F.I.R DP 22 racing rims. Red anno nips and DT DB spokes. Michelin Wildgripper Sprints in green. Run true.

Hubs, anno nice and bright. Some small superficial knicks but not many and more importantly, no cracks. Rear is smooth with very clickie Ti free hub. Front a wee bit gritty but will supply new bearings.

Tyres are starting to dry out with a little cracking around tread but still very rideable and indeed, have been ridden until very recently.

Rims are in good condition, decals a tiny bit faded, no wear to speak of on the braking surface.

As for price, I've done a bit of hunting on this forum, ebay, fb etc for similar sets so I reckon £200 seems about right.

I may be persuaded to sell wheels and tyres separately but would prefer to keep as a job lot for now.

Price is posted UK only. PP F&F please or cover the fee. I aim to get stuff out within 3 days of sale but please be patient as I work away a lot. Also content for collection from G84.


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They are glorious. Would look tremendous on an all white or black frame.
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