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I have decided to restore my Buckler Conic SLX. To be honest it's not the nicest of paint schemes and needs freshening up.

I was going to use it as wall art but after seeing a beautiful Tommasini I have the urge to kit it out with a modern 11 speed Campag groupset. I have some Bora 2's that i hope will slip in the 130mm wide rear end. I also just bought some Precisa threadless forks as I wish to fit modern stem bar combo as well.

Has anybody completed a build like this? Come across and overcome any challenges?

I have a few areas to research.

a: 1" aheadset for the steerer.
b: 36 x 24T Bottom Bracket. I take it Italian with 2 x RH Threads. Do they make them for modern Campag cranks?
c: Colours, I was all set on Colnago 091 for it's simplicity and period styling but not sure it will work with Black components.

I certainly would welcome any input, advice, examples you can contribute to help me.

I don't promise to finish my projects soon but they will all get done. See my other Roberts DB post. By the way that frame is now ready for collection and has been done properly in Bristol.



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That could be a nice neo-retro project, with the Bora 2! It hapened similar to me ; once you've tried a neo-retro, it's difficult to go back .....

For the headset, you can go with Chris King 1" ahead hedaset for example. Cane Creek , FSA or S2 have 1" models too in black. If you want to stick with Campagnolo, they had an old Record 1" ahead headset too not difficult to find but maybe the best optionn is to go with the newer 1" Record ahead headset you can buy online today.

If you want to go with modern Campy cranksets, you need Ultra/Power torque cups. You can find them brand new, just check the requirements of your crankset.


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Many thanks, it looks like I have many options to choose from which is a good place to be in.

I must admit having trawelled the net for some suitable cranks, none found but I am sure some 170mm Records or SR's will turn up. Having 34/50 on my summer bike and 39/53 on my winter bike, I have decided to go for 36/52. It keeps the full size spider on the crank arm a more period size, but of course in carbon.

Neo-Retro, I like that term Trinity.

I came across a couple of builds that look outstanding. In fact they are big influencers. I was concerned about following suit but if it looks right, it's right, right?

Tommasini Tecno looks amazing. I also came across a modern Master Saronni colours. Sheer joy to look at.

Looking again it looks like the Master has compact.

The verdict is not out ref colours but it's now swaying red.

A few pics.
Original bike
First choice of colour pink / white
Tommasini that triggered the idea
Colnago Master that is near Neo perfect.


jim haseltine

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Ultra Torque cups are easily available in 36x24T - there's be hell to pay in Italy if they weren't. First time I saw one it took me a few seconds to click as to why they'd bothered to mark the cups as 'left' and 'right'.....


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Cheers guys, I think the Neo look gives a great look whilst maintaining the optimum functionality. It also means that it will get ridden, rather than being an ornament.

My next few questions all relate to Campagnolo Record and S Record from 2011 (i think) through to when 11 speed ended.

I have sourced cranks albeit a set of compact. I don't think they look out of place and going forwards the clock is ticking the joints are getting older and the knees will probably appreciate the extra cadence available.

Ignoring the big crank design change at 2015 I believe there was a change specifically to the front and rear mechs and the Brifters (I dont know whether to love or hate that word LOL) I always called them shifters. If I am right the LH shifter has a two stage button with no trim. Did the pre 2015 have multi click trim? Also are they visually different and identifiable? I don't want to end up buying a pre 2015 rear mech and post 2015 set of shifters (see pic) I think these are 2015 on. Anyone?

I guess what I am trying to confirm is, can you interchange from 2014 and 2015 groups with success? My gut feel is no for gears (shifters, mechs cassette) but yes with brakes and cranks. Advice appreciated.

Monday I am down to Argos to discuss paint :oops:

Thanks for all your input

Shifters 2015 on.jpg


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That pink colnago frame is very stylish & not many of them about…I’d be going with this


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Original looks quite nice already. I'm a Dura Ace fan. You can also check here for inspiration
Dura Ace on an Italian frame.


That's like socks and sandals.

Campag changed spring tensions so be very careful matching up shifters and mechs of different eras, or else the shifter pawls on older shifters get worn rapidly by later rear mechs.
IIRC all Record still has the trimmable front, it's only lowlier (Centaur and below) that have the simpler indexing.


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I would seriously reconsider to repaint that original Colnago you have. Just replacing some components as you thing will give it a new look & better performance, but you will loose something if you repaint, in my opinion.

You can also keep some current components like I did, althought I can tell you braking performance is bad if you mix here.


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