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Re: THE how to identify a Claud Butler frame number thread

Hi Chris,

A lot of thought and work! Thanks for this thread, so that all may have access.

I agree with your interpretations of various Claud Butler serial systems - especially with your thoughts post Holdsworthy take over. The Claud serial system, especially from 1959 into first half of 60's is confusing!
I agree there has been a lot of misinformation perhaps propagating misconceptions. Also, the sequential numbering system jumping ahead from ~31000 to likely 50001 in 1967 and carried on to ~71000 in 1976 is a finding I've previously recognized and discussed in prior posts but have never seen documented anywhere. It appears this jump ahead in Claud numbers was likely done as the Claud Butler numbers (larger yearly volumes) and Holdsworth model numbering systems were intersecting with coincident confusion.

In working with Dave Scrimshaw and his development of a large Holdsworthy serial database, it has become clear that what at first appears utterly confusing and unsolvable re particular numbers or at best a theory becomes much clearer as new and good data surfaces.

To that end and to build your data, I'd encourage forum members to contribute their serial information, particularly post Holdworthy takeover, to this thread or yourself privately. Any accompanying history, documentation, and pics of a particular frame with actual numbering pic would be helpful.

Hi Doug
The frame number of my Claud Butler Brevet is 055625. It was designed and handcrafted by Holdsworthy, original sticker. Guaranteed built with Reynolds 531c, original sticker. And the original Brooks Professional leather saddle with copper rivets. I purchased it in a private sale about 1996 from Clifton in Bristol. I believe that the previous owner bought it new from Overbury's Cycle Shop, with their original sticker still in place on the frame. I hope that you find this useful. Maybe you could tell me what year it was built. If you need more pics, let me know. Kind regards Peter


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Hello Peter, that number sits at very end of 1983.

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