Clark Kent F12 1994


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Thought I would share some pics of my recently acquired Clark Kent F12.

I think this one has been owned before by at least one fellow Retrobiker, but it came to me in a pristine condition, almost unused :shock:

The objective was to build a reliable and as classic as possible so first test included Mag21s and Syncros kit.




But unfortunately Mag21s are not effective enough for what I was thinking.

So I decided to test some Manitou R7 80mm, but due to the short steerer and the high stack height of the Syncros stem I had to try and find another smaller stem. So I went Ringlé on the stem and seatpost.

I also replaced red Chris King headset by a Cane Creek S8.

This is the current setup and I think I have found what I was looking for in this build.






Old School Hero

I had one of those,got it new around 97,,loved it rode it lots.
Hate to say,but keep an eye on downtube and top tube behind the head tube.A lifetime warranty is no good when the company is tits up,,mine had cracks bottom of both tubes,,called my buddy who had a F16,,and yes I ruined his day also.


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Yes, I know CK frames were prone to crack but it seems most of the cracked frames were from the late years of the company, when its financial situation was bad and leaded to poor welding practices to save costs, like not doing argon back-purge.

Mine is from 1994, nicely welded by Ivo Vinklarek and for the moment I haven't find any crack.

Of course I keep and eye on this issue and check the frame from time to time, and in the meantime I enjoy riding it.

This is my first TI frame and the feeling is very different to steel, but nice and comfortable in any way.