CK Classic front hub 32h black or Mavic x517 28h ceramic blk


Dirt Disciple

I am in a "miserable" situation, I do have a nice black 32h CK Classic rear hub and two nice black Mavic x517 ceramic 32h rims.

I also do have a nice black 28h Classic front hub. I am now trying to build up a wheel set somehow.

Therefore, I am after:

1. one Black 32h CK Classic front hub - low flange (then trading my 28h version could be considered) or
2. one Black 28h Mavic x517 (or x717 rim brake version) ceramic rim in very good, better NOS condition.

I would definitely prefer option no. 2 but I cannot wait to build up a CK wheel set and maybe finding a black 32h CK Classic front hub is the quicker and easier option.

In any event, I would be greatful if one of you guys could help.