For Sale Cheap stems, Cheap Avid V levers & Karma


Dyna-Tech Fan
Orange stem 120mm 10°c2c some marks. £5 posted Sold
Kona stem 120mm 10° c2c good condition £5 posted Sold
Kona stem 80mm c2c 17° rise £5 posted
Haro stem 115mm c2c 10° bit dusty £5 posted
Ovaltech 115mm c2c 5° rise. Karma-postage only
Acor stem 50mm c2c Karma: postage only.

I should have mentioned that all are for 25.4mm bars

A couple of the stems may be missing a bolt or two.

Mismatched pair of Avid brake levers for V brakes. Blades are different colours. £5 posted SOLD
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