Chas Roberts Custom Special 54 cm. Dented Top Tube £250 Sold


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For sale:

54 cm. Chas Roberts Custom Special bike in two tone Flamboyant Green.

This was purchased in September 1999 from Roberts Cycles in Croydon alas long before they closed.

The specification is:

Seat tube c to c = 54 cm.

Top tube = 56 cm.

Head tube = 12 cm.

Campagnolo Centaur ergo 9 speed shifters.

Campagnolo Racing Triple rear derailleur.

Campagnolo Racing Triple braze on front derailleur.

Campagnolo Triple Racing chainset 30-40-50 with 170 crank arms.

Camapgnolo Athena Cassette 13 - 26.

Campagnolo Athena bottom bracket.

Sach 9 speed chain.

Shimano RX100 brake calpiers.

Shimano M520 SPD pedals.

Recent newly built set of 700c Mavic Open Pro in Black. 32h DT Competition SS spokes. Done less than 100 miles.

Campagnolo QR Skewers.

Campagnolo Record rear hub.

Campagnolo Chorus front hub.

3ttt Synthesis stem.

Morphe Handlebars 44 cm.

Stronglight Delta 1" headset in silver.

ESGE long mudguards in silver.

Elite bottle cages in silver x 2.

Cinelli cork ribbon handlebar tape.

(looking at the clearances, a 28 mm I know will fit as I've tried them on it).

I have the original seat post which is a lay back one which I'm not keen on. The original seat post will come with the bike on sale.

Very comfortable saddle.

Asista rear rack - silver.


Without doubt this is the best bike I've ever ridden ( leaving aside my mates 5 grand Cervelo, not a fair comparison ! )

The wheels were new less than 6 months ago and have done less than 100 miles.

It shifts effortlessly and is so smooth and quick, even with me on it :D

No groans, rattles squeaks or damage.

The frame:

Columbus Nivacrom tubes.

Cast Lugs.

Embossed head tube and bottom bracket shell.

The original paint scheme is lovely; or at least it was !

This is the right touch up paint: ... 3365527375

The original owner decided to touch up stone chips and scratches and it is without doubt the worst touching up that I've ever seen.

Treated with internal frame preserver when new.

Well there it is. Maybe I've painted a bad picture of it but I've been as honest as I can with the listing; perhaps a little too harsh as it's a superb bike. It's a real effortless mile eater even with my knackered knee.

* I have the original Order Form and receipt of purchase from Roberts Cycles from 21st September 1999. The frameset with the headset was £588.*

* I also have the original build sheet from Argos Racing Cycles in Bristol when it was built for the original owner. The bill for the components at the time was £958.*

All the original paperwork will come with the bike on sale.

Collection only from Hardwicke in Gloucestershire.s.

Payment is by bank transfer or cash on collection only.

Prospective buyers are more than welcome to come and try before you buy ( social distanced, obviously).

Asking £575 offers.


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Re: Chas Roberts Custom Special Fast Audax 54 cm (Photos added).

And a few more photos.

Listing amended. Price reduced.


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Re: Chas Roberts Custom Special Fast Audax 54 cm (Photos added).

Took it for a final spin today after changing the awful Michelin tyres and the seat post. I believe the original seat post is a Nitto lay back in silver. This will come with it.

Confirmed two things so it was worth while.

1. My knee is much worse than I thought and I can see it ending up as a physio job (did it test riding a Full Sus MTB for my mate that slipped a gear).

2. This is a superb bike !


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Re: Chas Roberts Custom Special 54 cm. Campag/Columbus.

If I were to knock £100 off the asking price to enable a new buyer to have it powder coated in their own choice of colour, would that tempt anyone ?


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Re: Chas Roberts Custom Special 54 cm. Campag/Columbus.

Lovely bike, lovely colour and good price. GLWS


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Re: Chas Roberts Custom Special 54 cm. Campag/Columbus.

CTK":39ikv5w0 said:
Lovely bike, lovely colour and good price. GLWS

Thanks very much for your comments.

It is a lovely bike. So quick and smooth even with a duff road racer like me on it. :)

I do think green is a bit Marmite though. Personally, I like it but hopefully the price reduction will allow someone to see past the awful touch-ups and perhaps choose a different colour. Doesn't affect the way it rides !


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Re: Postage

If I can get hold of a bike box, who would be interested then?

+ £40 posted to standard UK post codes.


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That's ruddy lovely, and the paint is great too. I'm sorely, sorely tempted. Hopefully it sells soon before I decide I want it.


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Re: Chas Roberts

And another one with the original seat post and the rear rack.

All dressed up and nowhere to go !

Is this a slightly better look for it? I think so.


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