Cero road wheels

Fatal Swan

Senior Retro Guru
I ordered my third set of Cero road wheels last week from CycleDivision (I've had one pair or AR30 from new and one AR23 that I bought second hand, both of which I've been happy with). They were £300 for the AR23 Disc model. I've just sent them back as I wasn't happy with them but I thought I'd come here to see whether I was reasonable to do so!

Issue number 1 - these disc wheels come with replaceable end caps for the different modern axle standards. I needed the good old-fashioned QR fitting, which was fitted. But on the front wheel each end cap had at least 3-4mm of play on the axle. CycleDivision said that this is how they were supposed to be and that when tightened in the frame there wouldn't be any play. Which I guess is true, though it feels totally wrong - the rear wasn't like that, nor have I ever had a set of wheels rattling like that by design... Anyone else seen this?

Issue number 2 - I'm a self-confessed weight weenie and I don't like parts that bloat my bikes. At £300, 1495g +/-1% as the stated weight seems good to me for disc wheels. So I got the scales out (of course) and the actual weight with rim tape fitted is 1620g. 100g+ feels to me like a not acceptable difference for this kind of money. CycleDivision noted the weight of the double layer of tubeless rim tape installed but actually that stuff is light (I know it's less than 10g a wheel since my other Cero wheelsets are within 15g of the spec with the same tape fitted).

Would either of those issues have bothered anyone else or is it just me??