Wanted Carrera Quattro comp 21.5”


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Hi there. I’m looking for one of these if anyone knows of one out there.

I had one back in the day and it was one of my most prized possessions in my life until some thieving so and so nicked it from me.

I’d love the chance to own one again.

I’d be grateful of any help in locating one of these.

Many thanks,


mk one

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Frame or full bike? most have been stripped for the XT kit by now though so probably not have original spec.

There is the e-stay version on bay at moment going cheap.


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Hi there many thanks for your reply.
im hoping to get hold of a full bike if at all possible but I would take a frame in good condition. I’d have to then try any source all the authentic components to build it I guess.
I know it’s a bit of an ask given the time passed and the age of these bikes by now but I have so many happy memories of rides I had on this bike back in the early nineties. It really was a lovely looking bike with top spec kit on it.