Carbon shoes through the washing machine.....thoughts?


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Anyone done this?
My shoes have carbon plates in the sole (or something like that).
I'm tempted to run them through the washing machine on a cold (ish) wash with non-bio detergent.
My concern is that the carbon will be compromised.
They get wet when it's raining of course.....
But is that different to deliberately immersing them in soap and water for half an hour?
Someone must have done it.....


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I would wash them by hand. I wouldn't risk it.
I've put old trainers in washing machine before and I'm sure it made them fall apart.
It's different on your shoes but I can't see why you would risk it.

jim haseltine

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If the carbon plates are true high-tensile carbon then you'd probably be ok - as far as the carbon is concerned but I wouldn't bet on the adhesives used in the shoes to stand up to continuous immersion.
However, if the plates are (as is more likely) actually carbon reinforced polymer then I wouldn't risk it.


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I did this once. Never again. I use stiff brush to clean and a cloth. Love carbon. Made a big difference to my pedalling. Well worth the extra £££


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Putting any sort of shoe in the washing machine usually ends badly, warm soapy water and a stiff brush with a rinse under the hose should see them right.